FAQs for domain name look up
What is a domain name?
The unique name that identifies an Internet site. Domain Names always have 2 or more parts, separated by dots, like "yourname.com", "house.net", "tree.org".

What is the difference between .com, .net, and .org domain names?
The domain suffixes basically differentiate between the various types of organizations on the Internet. Generally, the following rules apply: .com -- businesses and commercial enterprises .net -- network-related organizations and enterprises .org -- charitable or non-profit organizations But it is not an absolute rule. Anybody can register any of these names. The domain suffix type itself has no bearing on accessibility on the Internet from a technical standpoint, but over time the .com domain type has become the most popular and recognizable on the Internet.

What is the maximum length a domain name?
A valid domain name can have min. 2 max. 63 characters (excluding the extension). You can use any combination of 26 letters in English alphabet, numbers from 0 to 9 and "-" (dash) character. No profanity or use of any name protected by trademark.

Once I have a domain name secured, how long may I use it?
If there are no trademark disputes, your secured domain name will be yours for as long as you maintain the yearly registration fees.

What if my desired name is the same as a trademarked name?
Generally, if you've registered the name in good faith, it's not a name belonging to an internationally known company, and you can show that you have a legitimate reason to use that name then you are likely to be able to keep that name. That may not be the case if it can be shown that you purchased the name for the express purpose of re-selling it to a company with a legitimate claim to the name. Please see the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy for details.

Why should people register domain name(s)?
Just like a company logo, brand name, your domain name too represents your business identity. Domain names are designed for people, IP addresses are designed for computers. If you want people to find your web site easily, you will need a domain name.

What is Whois?
Whois is a tool to retrieve the registration information of a domain name, including the registrant's name, contact information, and record creation date. You can perform a Whois by clicking on this Whois link.

What are Name Servers?
A name server is a computer that holds records of domain names.