Hostname VS Domain name?

What's the difference between a hostname and a domain name?

Domain name is a series of letters, numbers and dots put together to form a unique web address. Domain names are used to distinguish one website from another on the internet.

Host name is the domain name displayed in the browser's address bar. It is also referred to as NetBIOS Name Service (NBNS) or Short Name Service (SNAP).

Domain names are what you see in your browser when you access websites, whereas host names are not visible in any web browser unless you enter them into your browser's address bar.

The difference between the two is that the hostname is the name of your computer, whereas the domain name is your website.

A computer has a hostname and not a domain name. The domain name represents an internet address for a website or webpage that can be accessed by people on the internet.

How to buy a domain name ?

There are many ways to buy a domain name. The most popular way is to buy it through a registrar like GoDaddy or

However, if you want to buy your domain name through your web hosting company, they may not offer the best rates for domain names. It does make sense to purchase it through them if you are hosting with them though because they will give you the domain free of charge.

Buying your domain name through your web hosting company is not always the best option. You will need to compare prices and find out if there are any perks that come with buying from a registrar or other company as well as deciding which option fits your needs better as a business owner.

What's a registrar?

A registrar is an entity that manages domains and associated data. Registrars are the organizations that sell domain names (e.g., and provide the backend services which allow users to manage them (e.g., name servers, mail exchangers, etc.).

Some registrars also offer web hosting services, but not all do so or offer hosting exclusively through their domain name registration service.

What is hosting company?

Hosting companies are the companies that provide server space and bandwidth. They rent out web servers to businesses and individuals. This is where your websites will be stored online, so people can access them anywhere in the world. The hosting company will also provide bandwidth for your site so that it can be accessed quickly all the time. You need to consider many things when choosing a hosting company to work with, such as  the company's reputation? What about their uptime? How do they handle customer service? Before signing a contract, take a look at their contract. It should have the term length and the cancellation policy for clarity.

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